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Tea Tray, Victoria and Albert Musem
Though not the traditional "blue and white china" associated with Wilde and the larger Aesthetic movement, this tray is described as "old" in the text (Wilde 91). It is brought to Dorian's room with letters and tea by his valet.
This tea tray…

17th Century English Armchair
Not much description is devoted to the chair. It simply is in the room.

Hand mirror
A mirror gifted to Dorian by Lord Henry, decorated with "ivory Cupids" (Wilde 88). Dorian destroys the mirror by throwing it then stomping on it in anger after he views his perfect beauty and recalling noticing his portraits sinister changes for the…

Described as being "little" and "pearl-coloured" in the text (Wilde 120), done in an Egyptian style. Dorian remarks that the piece appeared to be "the work of some strange Egyptian bees that wrought in silver" (Wilde 120), alluding to the piece's…

Described simply as "little" and near to Dorian's bedside in the text (Wilde 121). The yellow book gifted to Dorian by Lord Henry is placed upon it in Chapter 10.
The image depicts a rather intricate table made in England in 1862, designed by…
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