This site was created as a supplement to an essay submitted in Spring 2017 for a Victorian Gothic Literature class at SUNY New Paltz, entitled "Closeted Desire, Deviant Decor: Space and Sexuality in The Picture of Dorian Gray."
While these items are often educated guesses as to what Dorian's fictional spaces may have been decorated with, they should be studied as a means to understand more of Dorian's character in the novel.

Recently Added Items

Flemish tapestry

Flemish Tapestry

This piece shows an image of a faded king and queen playing chess in a garden, as hawkers go by with birds on their wrists (Wilde 118). Again, this…

Satinwood bookcase

Desk and Bookcase

In Dorian's attic, the piece is simply described as being of satinwood and holding his old schoolbooks (Wilde 118). Basil references the piece as…

Italian cassone


In the school room space, Dorian recognizes this piece of furniture as something he would hide himself inside as a child (a literal type of closeting…